Reputation Management

Reputation management is the process of influencing or controlling the reputation of a person or business. It includes influencing the results that will appear in search engines, ratings on social media and directory sites, and the information that people will see when they view the social media profiles and web pages that are associated with the brands and names of a person or business.

At CoActive we believe it is in the best interest of businesses and professionals, whose success depend on their reputation, to take the correct steps for taking full control of the profiles, search results, and web pages related to them. CoActive can assist you to build a positive reputation through good publicity, and sharing valuable information updates and releases to social media sites and relevant web pages. Integrating SEO strategies in the information output will produce high ranking search results for the information the company wants the public to view.  This will develop greater perceived value and trust resulting in increased sales and revenue.

Another important aspect of reputation management is knowing how to handle negative information generated by competitors and troublesome clientele.  CoActive has extensive experience in removing, replacing or diminishing unwanted information found on the internet with multiple strategies that involve SEO techniques and direct applications of website policies on the major directories and social media sites. We also provide the ability to take legal action for very difficult situations, especially in cases of libel and slander.
In a recent survey, 74% of respondents said they would not do business with someone who had negative information showing up in search results. Negative search results influence potential employers, insurance, loans, clients, business partners, friends and relatives.
When researching a company, product, or a person, 90% of people will first use a search engine like Google to see if they can find negative information about them. Chances are if they find anything negative they will take their business elsewhere. CoActive’s reputation management service will increase the likelihood that customers only see your websites, your listings and social media links in the top search results while also eliminating negative information from search results. It will also improve your ratings and increase your likes on directories and social media sites.

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