CoActive Rewards

CoActive offers customer loyalty program development and implementation, and we are currently developing a program we call CoActive Rewards that will combine loyalty rewards from multiple businesses and allow customers the ability to accumulate and redeem rewards from any participating business. The CoActive Rewards program is still in development and will be revealed soon. Estimated launch in the Fall of 2017. Stay tuned and let us know you would like for your business to participate in this powerful program.
For now we can develop and implement your own custom rewards program to give your customers maximum incentives to increase there purchase amount on each visit and to increase their frequency of visits to your establishment. Loyalty programs have proven to be very effective in increasing the lifetime value of your hard earned customer. It costs less to keep them than to market for new customers. Get your loyalty program set up now with CoActive. It will attract new clients and grow revenues. Coupled with the MarketBoost! program CoActive will bring your business the stimulus it needs to take it to the next level.
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