About Us

CoActive provides Marketing and Information Systems services to small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). We offer consulting and services that assist business owners and managers to create an environment of efficiency and productivity in their businesses. CoActive has programs that are designed to administer our core competencies to our clients in an effective and timely manner. Check out our flagship programs here: Marketing Analysis, CoActive Rewards, Market Boost!
CoActive was established in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2005 by Shawn Moshos. Shawn’s vision is for a marketing company that will assist small and medium sized businesses to compete against the large corps by allowing them to serve their customers with the highest efficiency and quality. Shawn has embedded his spirit of excellence into the CoActive company culture and it shows in the service we provide.
Our core competencies are Business Development and Marketing using today’s most advanced marketing and sales strategies and tools. We have combined our core services into our Market Boost! program to benefit SMEs who have the drive and vision to build a significant business presence into the future. If you are not interested in growing your business, then you probably would be better served somewhere else. At CoActive, we don’t do mediocre; Market Boost! will take your business to the next level. We are here for you and will back up our words with action.
CoActive utilizes proven and innovative strategies and techniques to bring you significant growth in the number of new and retained clients, which translates into increased revenues.